Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stylin' Safari

Who would like to go on a safari? Uh, everyone. The adventure of going out into the arid wilderness to face the animals on their own front is a love of man, and goes back some time through history. But in these days, where hunting down a lion to impress the ladies just doesn't cut it anymore, we still crave the adventure, without getting our hands too dirty.

So here, I give you a safari-worthy top that could bring out the wild in any man: is where I found this. Nice, huh?

And like I mentioned, there are animals on safaris, as we all know. But because garish animal prints are out right now, we must find prints that are stylish with a hint of glamour, like this bracelet I discovered on Africa in Silver (

The look of the longways bands looping underneath the silver zebra stripes give it an unusual texture which is beautiful in its own right. The other pieces of jewelry are worth looking at, too.

You like animal prints? How about the animals themselves? I'm not talking about the cloth of the caveman, here. I'm talking about a jeweled cheetah trapped in a band on a necklace!

Found at, this piece I find extraordinary. I would wear this, no doubt. The color is gorgeous, and the humor of the trapped cheetah is impacting.

Zebra patterns again?! Yes, but this time, they are emblazoned with the fiery colors of the Sahara.

This picture from shows the exciting pattern that matches up perfectly with each square, but is it orange with red stripes or red with orange stripes? Either way, carry your belongings with you when you're hunting for adventure.

And... uh oh. Someone's upset because we didn't mention them... drive!

Until next time! Grrr...

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