Friday, October 1, 2010

Shoreside Style

You love the beach. Who doesn't? Even people who hate the idea of drowning, hate the idea of sharks, hate the sunlight... there is always something on the shore that draws in the millions. It's been scientifically proven that walking in sand restores natural posture, and if you have callouses that you want out of your life, you don't need sandpaper to get the smooth you crave.

But we can't always be at the beach, at least, most of us can't. For those who love the shore, but are missing it because of the weather change, there are things you can do with your style to bring a little brightness to the dimming backdrop. has something worth showing for exactly this:

Yep, a seaweed ring. I, personally, love it. The color is soothing and lovely, and the pattern of both the seaweed and the outer edge of the ring are attractive to the eye. This is a way to take a little bit of the sea with you when you turn, teary eyed, and watch it disappear through the rear window of your car. (Please don't be the one driving if you decide to have this soulful encounter. That could be disastrous)

For someone who likes driftwood sculpture, bring that to your wardrobe with these interesting accents by yalos that I found at

Plus, because each piece is individual, you can find a piece that works for you almost like it was tailored for you. That's the fun thing.

A personal favorite hobby of mine is collecting beach glass. Near every large lake, sea, or ocean, there is a company ("company") that uses such material to make jewelry or other accessories. One thing of theirs I thought I'd share here were these, from

Like the driftwood jewelry, each piece is individual. I like the green color. The rarer the color of beach glass, the more precious the jewelry. I'd like to see some red beach glass jewelry, but hardly anyone uses red glass. We can hope.

The tears come down like rain. But rain comes down like rain, too.
But with this lovely umbrella from, you can pretend (with massive amounts of imagination) that you are just experiencing a spur of the moment tropical downpour, waiting it out under the lovely tree by the sea. Heads up, don't really sit under a tree if there is a thunderstorm warning.

Yes, the beach, what a lovely place to be, even in the dead of winter. Have you ever been to the beach in winter? I suggest you go (carefully... don't go if the ice is thin) because it's gorgeous. Once, I walked on the breakers off of Lake Erie. We threw chunks of ice between on the thinner ice, and instead of breaking, it resonated with such a beautiful sound.

Well, whatever you decide to accessorize with, remember that going to the beach is about fun, so make your fashion choices fun too! It's all about you, so have a blast!

Just, don't kill anyone, if you can avoid it, because bodies tend to still smell under sand... but what do I know?

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