Monday, October 4, 2010


Spoons. What a wonderful utensil is the spoon, right? Though you won't admit it, the spoon is more versatile than a fork. You can even use a spoon to cut with, like it's a tiny spade you use to fight off zombies... off track...

So check this out, a bracelet made out of spoon handles, further proof that spoons can handle a lot. Yea, not that funny, but here we are, from

Since so many spoons have intricate handles to begin with, turning these designs into jewelry was sure to happen. This bracelet could go with almost any outfit.

Perhaps you need gold spoons, not silver? Try this set of miny spoons, wrapped in cute little bows, that sit comfortably in pierced ears: has these for sale. This goes for a different kind of style, and the color is attractive in this pair.

Another spoon handle? Yes! This one, however, is a hair clip, something unusual but still fantastic. I really like this, and you could wear it with the bracelet if you want. It probably looks good with any hair color, as well, so give it a try!

Borrowed this photo from, so thank you! =]

All this jewelry, but what to wear with it? Well, anything... but I do have a shirt for you, from

That's what I'm talking about. Spoon!

( Have you seen this video? You better have. If not, go type "my spoon is too big" into And go... spooner, not later! hahahah... yea... not that funny...