Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paint No Rest for the Wicked

Paint spatter is an interesting design because it is so unpredictable in pattern and color, meaning there will always be some spatter that would fit your wardrobe, and that's what it's all about!

Check out these great heels from

Slick, with great metallic spray paint colors that will really pop. A really interesting pair of shoes, and they come in other styles too. These are leather, by the way. Moving on!

A shirt with a splatter pattern, but not only that, it has a hummingbird, and that is the definition of boss. gives us this in men's sizes. Isn't the color great?

And for all of you giraffiti lovers, here's a necklace that can take you to the heights you could only dream of: Yep, a spray paint can as a pendant. Are there no boundaries? No.

And of course, we'll keep things up with a paint splatter belt! Pretty cool, bright, and could go with any pair of jeans, including a variety of colored denim, just to mention. is where I found this photo. I love you, kaboodle!

And as always, you can let out your inner warrior and just paint your face:

It's very liberating. BOOMDEYADAH!

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