Friday, October 8, 2010

Lace Expectations

Girly Wirly Lace. It's been said that if used moderately and in fitting shades for the situation, it can be elegant. But there is so much you can do with lace that you could wear it all the time if you wanted. Who cares what people think? You want to be pretty? Be pretty! You already are, and since that is true, you can find the lace for you.

I found this pretty dress at, and I like the cut of the hem at the bottom particularly:

Look how swirly it is! Whoever sets it up for photography is better than french fry photographers. I would love to have this now. You tricky, tricky lace photographer... came through for me in the lace department with this gorgeous bit of jewelry:

So beautiful; like a fly, delicately trapped in millennium amber, the lace is held in this plastic bangle so, when against any skin tone, it brings forth a startlingly simple but beautiful look that anyone can master. Oh yeah.

Want lace to give you a fairly modest and sexy look all at once? Stockings are the way to go. What are sexier than stockings? And they are darker, so they'll go with almost any dress: had these bow lace stockings. I gather they are really inexpensive, and so elegant in a "look-at-me-and-only-me" kind of way. Work it, baby.

To flare your style, you can put your hair up or down with this headband I found at

I love how it looks against blond hair, but I'm certain it would be great with any hair color, and that is the sort of thing I love to hear.

Thanks for sticking with me again, reader! And for all the readers who don't like the lacy looks, but want to fit in with the style, you can always go with the tried-and-true method... good ol' American shoelaces.


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  1. What are sexier than stockings indeed? Now, if only I actually wore stockings...