Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Clockwork Outfit

Time is the center of our lives, the center of keeping things in check. And, it's always there. Can't avoid it, as much as we try. But, in the case of fashion, maybe we shouldn't try to avoid it, because it is wonderful!

For example, look at this gorgeous dress I found at Posh Girl Vintage:

I really like the cut and the color, and clocks are like, awesome. We all know this. Who doesn't have a time piece in their house? Crazy people don't. Crazy people who don't appreciate awesome garb. Oh, and guys, heads up? I made this entry a complete outfit... not only do they work apart to show personality, but they could also be great as a set!

The next piece gives clockwork a golden shine:

You know I love Here are some clockwork earrings. Great, right? Yes is the answer. I wonder, are they made from real clock gears?

So, had something to offer, too, something we haven't offered in this blog yet, but what I felt would go well with the dress. Black and white is the new white and black:

Like I've mentioned, the cold is slipping into our bones, so we need something to keep us stylish and warm but still matched up. We have a great piece here:Found at, this wonderful scarf is definitely buzzworthy.

There are many different outfits with clocks as the theme, but make sure you don't go overboard, Cogsworth.

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