Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lumberjack Chic

Yep, you read that title correctly. This is something I've discovered that I find thoroughly interesting. This sort of style can be seen more in some cities than anywhere else. You may have seen those guys wearing long john shirts under button-ups and hiking boots, along with gangster caps and swatches. Weird, if only a bit. This got me thinking in my mind, lumberjack chic--looking fantastically stylish while dressing like a woodsman.

Let's start simple, shall we? What's comfortable, and almost everyone wears them? Tees, of course. And I found this shirt at that I liked most because of the face of the lumberjack:

He looks happy, and I think it's because of that mustache.

There are some interesting things in nature that can be made into jewelry if only you make them gold, like these earrings from, no? The axe marks are sooo authentic! *gush*

And what lumberjack doesn't have suspenders? However, not all suspenders are that great. What you need is something that makes you look and feel good while giving you that snazzy suspender look, like this suspender vest:

Picture found at You can let out your inner woodsman and still look stylish for work!

And, of course, all men-o'-the-woods need something to cover their heads to keep out sawdust and bugs. Just because you work in the woods doesn't mean you need to pick things out of your hair like a monkey. I found an appropriate cap at, plaid and all:

Looking good!

Now, we all know that I ignored one very important tool of a lumberjack. But, if you want to borrow one to complete your look, just be sure you don't borrow it from any American Psychos:

( just don't know what you might be getting yourself into.

Happy trails!


  1. Lumberjack chic!!! I love it!...Well I've continued to love it since you introduced the idea all those months ago in that teal(?) and black plaid shirt.