Friday, November 5, 2010

Sheer Bliss

Sheer has a bad reputation for being inappropriate, and if you aren't careful with what you're searching, you may stumble across the reasons why (yikes). However, today I come to you to let you see that while so many see burlesque, I see an opportunity. Take something so spicy and turn it sweet, and you get some gentle, elegant and tender looks.

We'll start with a look at an evening gown from New York Dress, found on

This style is in olive, and isn't it something? It's very pretty, and the layered sheer fabric gives it a look that gives the reputation a runaround.

Another way to give sheer a better look is by letting it cover a part of you that wouldn't be seen as offensive:

I mean hands, as you've found. These gloves from are the height of fashion and they aren't offensive whatsoever. In fact, the bow is appropriate for many situations.

Another non-offensive place to put it would be the feet: gives us the sheer open-toed lace up spikes that, due to their sheer quality, give it the appearance and feel of quality footwear. You could wear them with footless stockings to give it a complete coverage that still allows your piggies to peek through.

How about a "top-o'-the-morning" to this, from

Pretty awesome.

Yeah, I'm bringing back the look that's been reserved for the less moral things in the world. You should give them another chance and check them out yourself...

Just be careful what you type...

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