Monday, November 8, 2010

Seeing the Light

You know what's really fun? Things that light up. You know what's really really fun? Light up outfits. That's right, clothes and accessories that shine like the stars themselves. And it's surprisingly easy to glisten and gleam.

This first item is awesome x2, and I don't mean because there are two of them in the photo: offers this shirt that is awesome because it lights up, and it lights up with either the Autobot or the Decepticon logos! YES! Plus, I feel like I deserve some credit for finding a photo that actually lights up when I post it. Awesome.

This I saw on a television special and found a photo of on

Yes oh yes, a belt buckle, the LED that screams geek chic. Make any outfit say what you really want. And the thing is, you can get these buckles in practically any color and with any saying, so don't feel restricted by this geek one that speaks to me personally.

I chose this picture because of the Converse:

At least they look like Converse sneakers. Close enough. At you can get these fluorescent laces to light up the night. This is the more grown up (sort of, anyway) alternative to light up shoes. Everybody wants to make a flash, and this way, you can do it and still be awesome.

Then we have this necklace from

While it's not extremely expensive or even that attractive, it is flashy, and the shape and color can change as well. I, in fact, have a necklace like this that says HULK and glows green. Got it from a publicity stunt. Moving on... you put it with any casual outfit and light up some conversation.

Just, please, think twice before you pull this Ke$ha move:

Ke$ha, a little over the top or what? You don't have the backing to pull this on SNL.

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