Monday, November 1, 2010

Gamer Glam

I went with nerd, and now we are arriving at gamer. Gamers are a major subculture, to the extent that everyone knows a gamer or is one themselves. Yea, it's that out there. It's cool though, because these games I've brought to you are the vintage ones, the games that were the starting gate for all the games that gamers love today. Who doesn't appreciate the significance of games like Pacman?

Here's a great necklace from (not the most attractive address). It doesn't have the flash and colors of the game itself, but it has more of an immortal feel when made out of metal, chain and faux pearls. The best part for me? It says MUNCH. Hahaha.... yea.

Blast off! You're a kid who had dreams about being an astronaut. While that didn't work out for you (I make judgments because you're reading this blog) you still had the opportunity to play a game that made you feel like one:

Yes, that's right. Asteroids. Want this awesome Rock Star tee? Go to and pick one up. I love this, a classic for me, and anyone can enjoy it.

Of course I have to mention Mario. Who doesn't add Mario to the list of great vintage games? But I'm not going to bore you with overdone red M hats. Instead, I'll bore you with red mushroom hats. Or, to keep with the mushroom theme, a mushroom cap: offers this great hat. Absolutely perfect, right? What a wonder.

And every time I think of my old Gameboy games, I think of not only Mario, but Tetris: says Game Over, but you can't lose with a great geeky bangle that everyone will love. The color and style of Tetris means that this gem will thrill the masses and never go out of style.

There are a lot of great things out there with this sort of theme, with a great variety of items, clothes, and references to other games, like Metroid. It's definitely worth further investigation.

Just remember, it's only a game...

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  1. So I'm making this class (I'm an art teacher forced to teach bullying and efficacy and trying to find cool way to do this) and I'm using Mario Bros. as a way to teach them about life and efficacy and things like this..encountered this...and I absolutely want that Mushroom hat. It's seriously one of the sexiest things I've seen. O_O' <3