Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Berry Extraordinary

Strawberries are a power fruit, with great symbolism, flavor, and health benefits. They are second only to lemons. At least for me. Anyway, a lot of people love the sweet satisfaction won by having strawberries at hand.

We will start with a walk through strawberry fields (forever): offers a set of ballet slip-on sneaks with a fruity pattern. The color, bright and inviting, will add a little spark to your step.

You could also give a strawberry shake in this Juicy dress:

Found at, this dress has a jumper feel that makes it fun and flirty, and you could wear it almost anywhere, from picnics to parties to dinner with the parents.

Worried your hair is on the fly, or maybe you want to spruce up the style subtly? Try this on for size:

Find this cute strawberry silk scarf at The bright color and fun pattern are lively and unique, just like you!

But maybe you have a problem with the strawberry color:

No worries, here is a headband with all the love and beauty of strawberries, but without the flash of red. This can go with more glitzy outfits, and match with other silver jewelry, or dress it down with other strawberry clothes without making either look gaudy.

What a fun treat they are. You can even take their love with you to the kitchen.

But wouldn't you always want to make strawberry shortcake, cupcakes, or pie?

Who cares? Let's do it!

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