Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arab Fab

When some people hear Arab, they hear it through years of stereotype and hateful ways, but the fact of the matter is, the Arab I'm talking about when I say it isn't this sort of stereotype. It focuses on some of the oldest art, religion and mythologies on the planet, tales that make the mind swim with untapped imagination... but I digress.

This blog focuses on one aspect, and that is fashion, or at least, what I consider fashion to be. For instance, check this hair comb from

This comb is made in the Algerian style, looking back on some of the oldest styles they've got, and it's gorgeously crafted from high end material for the best look. Pretty snazzy, right?

And let's address the topic of dress:

At you can find this dress. It is fashioned after a Libyan style, and boasts great colors and a cute cut and pattern.

Let's take a trip to Oman:

Oman earrings, found at, have a great pattern which reflects the artwork of the geographical area. They had this deal that they weren't to paint or sculpt objects or people. You know what that leaves? Patterns. You can see it in most of the artwork and almost all of the architecture if you give it a good look.

Check out this pattern on this shirt:

Check it out at This Moroccan tank costs $99, pretty pricey, but it give you a look into the patterns and styles that would work if you want to pull off a look like this.

And you can get ideas from this:

The raqs sharqi dance is phantasmal. And check their skirts! Sweet.

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